Show your support for biologically grown local food and Virginia’s healthy farming landscapes. PROMOTE your products, services and values to Virginia’s organic and sustainable farm and food communities.

Become a Sponsor of the Virginia Biological Farming Conference

Current VABF Sponsors:

 Farm Bureau Virginia Farm Bureau is a non-governmental, nonpartisan, voluntary organization committed to protecting Virginia’s farms and ensuring a safe, fresh and locally grown food supply.
New Country Organics We make certified organic, soy-free feeds and healthy mineral mixes for livestock. We also sell hundreds of products for organic farming and gardening.
  Seven Springs Farming Supplies Seven Springs Farm is an organic gardening and farming supply catalog company. Supplying farmers and gardeners with all their organic fertilizers, micro-nutrients, growing mixes, animal supplements, pest management, and organic cover crops since 1990.

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 Southern SARE Grants and outreach to advance sustainable innovations to the whole of American agriculture.
 Southern Exposure Seed Exchange We are a small worker-owned and worker-run seed company specializing in organic open-pollinated and heirloom vegetable, herb, and flower seeds.
Virginia FAIRS





The Virginia Foundation for Agriculture, Innovation and Rural sustainability (VA FAIRS) is a not for profit foundation based in Richmond, Virginia, with the mission of assisting rural agricultural enterprises. We have a passion for working with others to advance the development of cooperatives and rural agricultural businesses within the region.


To become a sponsor of VABF, please contact the VABF Administrator.