2017 New Board Members

Ballots were cast and the votes counted … Ira Wallace (previous Board member), Kathy O’Hara, Ron England, and Brent Wills were named as the new Board members at conference January 11, 2017.  Each have been elected to serve a 2-year term. They will be joining standing Board members Ryan Blosser, Lee O’Neill, Debbie Gagon, Connie Stone, and Elliott Stone. Many thanks to exiting Board member and Treasurer, Jim Moyer, for his 2 years of dedicated and tireless service to VABF.

Kathy O’Hara

Kathy owned and operated a small organic farm (3 acres) in Goshen, VA for about 10 years from 1994 to 2004. She grew vegetables, flowers, and had a flock of laying chickens.  She had an organic certification and kept it going. During that time she sold crops at the Staunton Farmer’s Market,  local (Lexington VA ) restaurants, and developed a CSA.  One outlet was the local natural food store in Lexington, VA, of which she was a Board Member for many years.  Kathy was also a devoted member of VABF and a Board Member for several years.
Ira Wallace

Ira Wallace

Ira has served 3 years on the VABF board and can continue to serve if reelected. She has countless contacts in organic gardening and farming circles. She has been invaluable in helping secure speakers for the conferences, performing outreach VABF through Southern Exposure Seed Exchange and the many events she attends. Southern Exposure Seed Exchange has been a conference sponsor and exhibitor for many years.

Brent Wills

For the past 13 years, Brent and his family have been working to improve soil fertility, biological diversity and forage production on their 100-acre mountain farm in Bedford County, Virginia. Their farm, Bramble Hollow Farm, uses managed livestock rotations, the incorporation of farm-made composts, teas & manures and other soil mineralization methods to diversify their pasture-based operation, where they specialize in the production of standard bred poultry and heritage breeds of beef cattle and pigs.