Bryan is a fourth generation beekeeper from Cabarrus Co NC. He is a NC Master Beekeeper and manages over 100 colonies of honeybees. Past two-time president of Cabarrus Co Beekeepers Assocation Bryan is very active at local, state, and regional beekeeping events. He has done multiple workshops at state beekeeping conferences with overwhelming responses. Having been trained in everything form commercial beekeeping, queen breeding, to over 90 hours of biodynamic beekeeping he has developed his own less intrusive beekeeping practices and continues to have very promising results.

Conference Sessions: 

The Importance of Honeybees on the Farm (for general audience)

This will be a introduction to honeybees. We will cover the importance of pollinators focusing on honeybees. Starting with some ways to attract them to your property to things to be considered before jumping into beekeeping (cost&time involved). We will also discuss the importance of good management of honeybee colonies, maintaining natural bee habitat, some of the sweet rewards of beekeeping, and what the non-beekeeper can do to help the pollinators.

Sustainable Beekeeping thru Splitting Your Hives & Managing Swarms

As beekeepers we are faced with loosing bees on a yearly basis. With last years national average for losses over 40% its easy to become a statistic and loose all of your bees. We will discuss the management strategies that I have developed over the past 13 years that allow me to sustain healthy productive colonies of bees. Starting with spring buildup and swarm management to post nectar flow splits and fall/winter preparations we will go cover what it takes to keep your bees healthy and or grow your beekeeping operation.

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