Dan Kittredge has been farming organically for 30 years, and biologically for the last 10. He and his wife manage a 24 acre mixed farm in central Massachusetts with 2.5 acres of intensive vegetable, 8 hoop houses, pastured poultry, grass fed beef, and perennials in development.

Dan is the founder and Executive Director of the Bionutrient Food Association, which is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to increasing quality in the food supply. He presents courses for growers regularly across North America.



Conference Session: Principles of Biological Systems & Implications

This session will cover the dynamics by which plants evolved to flourish, and management practices that support the environment for that to occur. Strategies for soil aeration, hydration, mineral balancing, inoculation, and feeding through the liquid carbon pathway will be presented. We will also cover broader implications for soil carbon sequestration, increases in pest and disease resistance, along with nutritive value, flavor, aroma, and shelf life. The lay of the land as it pertains to consumer education, marketing and the food movement will also be discussed.

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