Edmund Frost has been growing organic vegetable seeds and produce in Virginia since 2007. He is a founder of Common Wealth Seed Growers, a new growers cooperative and retail seed company. He especially focuses on breeding, research and seed production of Downy Mildew resistant winter squash, cucumber, melon, watermelon and gourd.



Conference Session: Winter Squash Research Report-Back and Tasting

See, taste and hear about the results of our 23-variety winter squash trial that included both market standards and unusual tropical pumpkins. Common Wealth Seed Growers received a Farmer SARE grant for work with moschata species winter squash in 2016. I will present the data on disease resistance, yield and eating quality, and you can weigh in with your opinion on a dozen or so cooked winter squash samples (there will also be squash to look at).

Our 2016 work also included three selection projects to improve existing varieties, and a breeding trial with fifth generation Seminole-Waltham cross plants, part of an effort to create a Downy Mildew resistant butternut.

This workshop will cover methods and results from all these projects, providing an introduction to on-farm cucurbit breeding and trialing. Or just come if you want to taste some squash and gain a greater appreciation and understanding of this wonderful plant!

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