Ellen Polishuk is a biological vegetable grower, farm consultant and teacher. She helps farmers, agricultural professionals and eaters of all kinds to appreciate and understand the complexity and beauty of growing food: the nexus of plants, soils and people. She is one of three owners of Potomac Vegetable Farms in Northern Virginia where they grow Ecoganic produce for 7 farmers markets, a 550 member CSA and two roadsides stands. Ellen teaches growers around the country about soils, compost, and growing farm profits.

ellenpolishuk.com * ellenorganic@gmail.com

Pre-Conference Workshop: Full Day Intensive on Organic Vegetable Production

From irrigation and deer fence to soil fertility and rotations, let’s see what it takes to make a living from growing and selling vegetables. We will focus on production of main season vegetables. We will NOT discuss marketing, hoophouses or winter growing techniques. Beginners are welcome, but this is intended for growers who are already in the field.

Conference Session: Managing Labor — What Are You Missing?

No matter the size of your operation, you need people involved in your farm business. Whether its help with harvest, markets or bookkeeping, managing relationships will determine how smoothly your season goes. Tips and advice for hiring and managing people power.

Conference Session: Soils 101 for Farmers

No matter your farm enterprise, your success depends on getting consistent healthy crops. Get a handle on the nature of soil, how it works, and what you can do as its steward to move toward sustainable yields.

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