VABF is a multi-faceted organization that includes farmers, gardeners and researchers of all sorts.  We encourage you to spread the word about sustainable, biologically-friendly agriculture.

Need some brochures to take to your farmer’s market stand?  Have a great idea and some time to set up a table or booth at your community festival?  Want to help us with the annual conference?

Send us an email.  Or join VABF and start networking with others in your area through our VABF Directory.

Here’s what else you can do:

  • Purchase your vegetables, fruit, meat, dairy, and eggs from local, sustainable farms
    • Visit area Farmers’ Markets (use this locator)
    • Ask how, where, and by whom the food was grown
  • Buy local, organic foods at area natural grocery stores
  • Learn to eat and cook seasonal produce
  • Attend Farm Tours to learn how the food is grown/raised
  • Attend the annual Virginia Biological Farming Conference to learn about sustainable agriculture, gardening, cooking, and more
  • Start a Regional Action Group in your area.
  • Join VABF! (did we already mention that one???)

Byrd Farm produce sales