VABF needs you to help localize, personalize and amplify our message!   

We are trying something new to better inform all of Virginia about biological farming and gardening and the Virginia Association for Biological Farming.


Regional Working Groups = Regional Action Groups

Our members are helping form VABF Regional Action Groups (yes, for now the acronym is “RAGS”).  The goal is more face-to-face discussion about biological farming, gardening and food with more Virginians.


General Guidelines


Over the course of one year a RAG is expected to:

  1. Help connect local efforts and interests to improve local farm and food systems to our long-established state level biological farming organization.
  1. Set up and “staff” a VABF display table at three or more ‘local’ farming, gardening, and food events. The goal is good information, good will, new members and VABF enews sign-ups.
  1. Make one presentation to a farm – food group in your “region” such as Ruritans, Lions, 4H club or church. The goal is to establish relationships and let people know about VABF and its mission.
  1. Organize or help organize one field day or regional/county farm tour.
    An easy option may be having a presence at a biological farm on a county farm tour. This outreach is more targeted at farmers and gardeners than consumers.
  1. Share information about your events and activities in your “region” and multiply your impact by sending event info to VABF for our website, enews and newsletter. Post your own pictures and reports on our Facebook page.
Regional Action Groups VABF 2015

Photo by Leslie Jenkins


WHERE (what is a region?)

The “region” or area any particular RAG covers can be defined any number of ways– by county — by city– by highway….by watershed– or marketshed

Work with VABF to assure that only one group is active in any geographic area.

Over time, the “regions” can be redefined by the active individuals in consultation with VABF.



Any “RAG” should have at least three different farms or households that are actively involved.

VABF will post the names and contact info of the three core individuals on our site.

One individual should be identified the key contact.



  • VABF’s mission needs to be more on-the-ground and out there in more communities.
  • We need to connect all the innovation and organization happening locally around biologically and organically grown to our statewide movement and established organization
  • In appreciation of the work of each active Regional Action Group, VABF will provide one free registration to the annual Virginia Biological Farming Conference.


VABF at Events

Photo by Mary Delicate



We REALLY expect you to help us to develop the Regional Action Group concept!

Help us with questions or ideas…



For speakers or farm tours work with VABF leadership!  



VABF’s display designs for ‘tables” at events are still evolving.

Currently, there are two very basic types of VABF displays:

  1. For growers, gardeners and farmers
  2. For consumers (and kids) that include a “game”

VABF will provide the “basic” VABF display and materials to each RAG. We will also provide a list of ‘talking points” and answers to common questions.  Each RAG provides its own table, cloth, and flowers or veggies etc for décor or games.



As our local grassroots working groups, you decide the best use of your time on behalf of promoting biological farming and VABF in your “region”.   BUT feel free to ask us to help you think through which events VABF should be present.

Note: Display/table space at events sometimes requires a fee.  VABF does not yet have the funds to pay for every display fees at all the events we want to attend. When you check the event display cost– often it is only slightly above the event entry fee for an individual.