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Now taking nominations for the VABF Board of Directors. Click here for more information.

Growing VABF throughout 2017

VABF needs volunteers committed to biological farming and our organization for ongoing responsibilities.

Skilled Volunteer needs in 2017:

Skill Estimated commitment
Bookkeeping/CPA 4-8 hours per month
Admin support 2-4 hours per week
Newsletter editor 12-16 hours quarterly
Proofreader 1-2 hours per week
Writer(s) Varies
Contract review/attorney 4-6 hours per month
Marketing advisor 2-4 hours per month
Development advisor
Volunteer Coordinator 8 hours per month


Promote and represent VABF:

  • VABF always needs help with managing its display at farm and food events throughout the state. “Tabling” and help with farm tours or field days are great ways for everyone to help build our Virginia’s organic movement and our organization.
  • We need all of our supporters to inform us about upcoming events! Check our calendar and send us an email.
  • Invite local businesses to sponsor our conference and website.
  • Social media will help grow the organic movement! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.
  • We have a continuing need for Virginia farming photos for our display and website.

vabf richmond farm tour 2014 (30)

Technical Committees:

  • Periodically we form short term technical committees that require informed members to work seriously (~2-4 hours per week over several months).

VABF Board Members:

  • Board members are expected to devote 5-10 hours each month to VABF leadership. Good Board members put in considerably more time to building VABF.

Conference Volunteers:

  • Share part of your time with us during the Virginia Biological Farming Conference. Volunteers are eligible for discounted registration. Details and application.

Ready to help? Ready to work?
Other interests, ideas or skills? We can probably use them! Contact us.