Katie Lu Jervais is a Real Food Advocate and a Business Identity Creator who believes “Real Food is Good Medicine” and values community, collaboration and the courage it takes to venture out on your own.

Katie and her partner Kris Bower are the founders of Fat Bean Farm &fat-bean-new Food Co, a value-added product business, including ferments, shrubs and tonics and the Fat Bean Tacos festival booth.

In 2013 Katie started Venture Out Creative Agency with the purpose, “Great Ideas Deserve to Be Seen Great!”. Through this entity, she creates and upgrades business identities and messaging for successful entrepreneurs who have great ideas and would like them to be venture-out-logoseen that way. She has created many recognizable brands in Floyd, such as Dogtown Roadhouse, Bootleg BBQ, Blue Mountain School, Floyd Rustic, Floyd Yoga Jam, Appalachian Herb Growers Consortium and, of course, her partnership venture Fat Bean Farm products.

Katie lives in Floyd, VA with her children and life partner, Kris, and is an active and vibrant community member, engaging in and supporting many local non-profits, spiritual endeavors, and grass-root movements.

www.fatbeanfarm.com  *  www.ventureoutcreativeagency.com  *  katie@fatbeanfarm.com

Conference Session: Be Seen Great! Branding in Person & Online

We want to get our hands dirty. We want to have face to face conversations. We want to know where our food comes from. AND we want to survive in today’s digital world. The internet, smartphones and social media are modern day tools for business, life and yes, farming. You get to decide how and when you participate, but let me tell you, if you learn to wield these tools effectively you will feel more connected than ever to your community and the world. And your business, be it a farm, a value-added product or a service offering, will be seen as great!

Conference Session: How Farm-to-Table Dinners & Events can put Your Farm on the Map

Sure you’ve seen them in the media, Farm-to-Table Dinners are all the rage, but how do you get started and what does success look like. Katie Lu will give examples of some Farm to Table success stories and the how-to’s of creating one for your community.

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