Maurice Small, internationally known organic grower, soil alchemist and visionary, has more than 25 years of experience in food systems development, youth entrepreneurship, farmer training, and soil creation.

Small’s proactive program development and administration in support of regions that are committed to improving food systems has led to numerous multiple-acre sites of organic production in the Midwest, South and Eastern regions of the United States. His use of creative strategies for re-imagining and establishing food systems has resulted in highly effective, cutting-edge models that push the boundaries of common practice.

Maurice inherited his profound respect and love for the earth from his parents. This love for natural process and growth fuels his efforts to build community as he cultivates a regional and national vision for sustainable agriculture and healthy lifestyles in under-served communities and urban/rural collaboration between growers & vendors.  *  contact

Keynote Address: It’s All About The Soil (An Urban Paradigm Shift)

Conference Session: Healthy Soil – Healthy Soul

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