Principle designer/founder of Ecologia and author of Edible Landscaping with a Permaculture Twist Michael Judd is a well known and enjoyed speaker, noted for enthusiastic and clear presentations on a host of subjects surrounding edible and ecological landscapes. Presenter for Mother Earth News and NOFA – Northeast Organic Farmers Association, guest on popular radio such as A Way to Garden withjudd_ediblelandscaping Margaret Roach, and a host of podcasts revolving around edible landscaping, gardening and permaculture.  *

Conference Session: Uncommonly Easy to Grow Fruits in the Food Forest

Food Forests are grown like a forest, not in the forest. By observing the natural patterns of a healthy forest ecosystem, we see a lot of intimate, successful relationships to learn and adapt for growing a cornucopia of fruits. Food forests are easily set up and started with a select handful of easy to grow fruits. Join permaculture and edible landscape designer Michael Judd in a clear and simplified approach to starting a food forest from scratch and growing uncommon but easy to grow fruits.

Conference Session: Harvesting the Rain

Swales on contour, hugelkultur beds, and raingardens slow, sink and spread the rain. This talk by permaculture and edible landscape designer Michael Judd explores which designs best fit the landscape, how they are created, and how to make them look good.

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