Permaculture Design Certification Course

May 27th – June 11th

Based on the Permaculture Ethics and Principles: Earth Care, People Care, & Fair Share, developed in the 70’s by Bill Mollison & David Holmgren, this course will teach you how to use design to better enable you to turn your environment into a sustainable and regenerative system. You will learn to utilize many strategies and choose which techniques to use, in order to create a world of abundance for you and those around you.

This workshop will involve group work with students completing a real life design project on a site near the venue. Once completion of the 72 hour Permaculture Design Course theoretical and practical knowledge of Permaculture will be gained and at the end of the workshop participants will receive a Certificate that will enable the participant to practice as a Permaculture practitioner.


  • Rico Zook
  • Jenny Pell
  • Andrew Millison

We offer 2 camping locations, both with hot showers. Limited indoor accommodations are available for an extra fee.

Healthy Food:
A healthy organic breakfast, lunch and dinner are included the cost of the course. Vegan, vegetarian and carnivore options will be available.

Fee Structure:
General Fee *includes accommodation and food*:
Early Bird prior to March 5th: $1850
Full Price: $1950

Enroll in the Advanced Permaculture Design course the weekend after this PDC and receive $75 off the APD price!

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