ABSORB switchgrass product

By July 14, 2018Classifieds

FDC Enterprises is the largest producer of switchgrass products in Virginia for bedding, biofuels, and forage. In 2018, FDC successfully certified a large portion of their product base as organic through PCO Certified Organic. To better serve the organic poultry industry, FDC developed and tested ABSORB a bedding product specifically designed for organic poultry. ABSORB has proven to be a superior bedding product resulting in better absorbency, lower ammonia, and fewer cleanouts. The 2018 crop is sold out, but orders for 2019 are currently being accepted by calling Charlie Cushwa at 434-386-8281. The web site where more information can be obtained is at http://www.fdcenterprises.com/bioenergy.html#absorb