Allegheny Farm Manager

By February 6, 2019Job Opportunities

The Allegheny Farm Manager (AFM) is responsible for managing and maintaining the production gardens, livestock, and village facilities at our Allegheny Farm Campus in Highland County, Virginia. This position involves working in close partnership with the Farm Caretaker to ensure optimal stewardship of the Allegheny Mountain Farm.
The AFM is a full-time, exempt position at our Allegheny Mountain Farm in Highland County. Work hours may fluctuate and are dependent on seasonal and organizational needs (e.g., preparation at the beginning of the season and end of the season). Education is a fundamental component of Allegheny Mountain Institute’s mission, and the AFM should have an interest in this area. AMI’s work is rooted in organic, regenerative agricultural practices, so the AFM should have a deep philosophical and operational agreement with such methods.
Agricultural / Animal
• Responsible for the organic, sustainable management of all operational aspects of AMI’s agricultural production including: plant propagation, cultivation, succession planting, pest and nutrient management, harvesting, processing, distribution, quality and quantity control, organic orchard management, and animal husbandry (including poultry, apiary operations, and future bovine, swine, caprine, ovine and dairy operations).
• Develop, establish, and maintain the nourishment and health of the soil food web of AMI gardens.
• Develop, establish, and maintain healthy pasture management, disease control, and animal rotation.
• Develop and maintain livestock facilities as needed, including grazing systems, fence and gate moving and repair, and water management.
• Manage and lead greenhouse propagation of seeds and starts.
• Manage and develop crop rotation for season extension in the high tunnels.
• Orchard management, including the establishment, pest protection, and plant guild selection of orchard and berry crops.
• Manage grounds, includes; assistance with mulching and weed control, and procurement of input materials.
• Maintain garden tools and equipment storage; keep inventory and maintenance records.
• Perform grass cutting and weed removal around gardens and orchards.
• Invasive weed (Autumn Olive, Thistle) eradication, in coordination with the AFM; Lead Fellows in assisting with this task.
Facilities & Farm Management:
• Provide regular garden set up and maintenance, including:
• Irrigation systems.
• Inspecting and managing repairs of all farm infrastructure; garden fences; humane rodent control
• Plan and implement an efficient, working, composting system for garden and orchard use.
• Provide regular operational farm maintenance, including:
• General oversight of operational facilities, including inspections and managing repairs of buildings and farm infrastructure.
• Manage High Tunnel / Greenhouse integrity and heating/cooling and ventilation systems.
• Fix items or overseeing repairs done by others.
• Maintain records of vehicle and equipment maintenance; coordinate with the AFC who will be responsible for vehicles and equipment maintenance. Research equipment purchase and schedule delivery or pick up as needed.
• Accept guidance from AFC on Farm-related issues.
• Assist in heavy lifting/moving as needed.
• Provide regular refuse removal from the Allegheny Farm.
• Ensure a high standard of cleanliness, neatness, and order on the Allegheny Farm.
• Establish procedures and systems for appropriate upkeep of pantries, cold storage, root cellars, and feed rooms to ensure optimal temperature/humidity, and the vitality, safety, and quantities of foodstuffs to meet AMI’s needs.
• Establish best practices and processes for the Allegheny Farm record-keeping systems.
• Manage budget for Farm expenditures, including ordering, purchasing, and maintaining records.
• Instruct, guide, and mentor Fellows on farm-related work; develop educational opportunities during Phase I of the Fellowship.
• In the future, supervision of Phase II Fellows stationed in Highland County.
• Meet with AMI staff team regularly to review and plan assignments. Work closely and collaboratively with the AMI Education Director to ensure proactive guidance and supervision of Phase I Fellows and the learning environment.
• Work in collaboration with AMI Farm Operations Committee on big-picture strategic plans and needs of the Allegheny Farm.
• Perform administrative tasks essential to the smooth operation of the farm. For example, but not limited to; write reports, track receipts and track expenses.
• Participate in Open Houses, public visits, and educational outreach events as needed.
• Be on call for Farm Stay guests for facility needs.
• Bachelor’s Degree or an equivalent amount of training and work experience required.
• Unwavering commitment to, and grounding in, principles of organic, regenerative agriculture.
• Minimum 3 years of experience in organic vegetable production and management, post-handling, and processing for sale and storage.
• 2- 3 years rotational, multi-species grazing experience.
• Experience in Apiary management or desire to master.
• Demonstrated understanding and application of Permaculture principles and ethics.
• Experience with heavy farm equipment use and basic maintenance.
• General maintenance skills including carpentry, plumbing, mechanical and electrical system repair.
• Knowledge of and commitment to building sustainable food systems.
• Exceptional multi-tasking, organizational and time management skills.
• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills (both written and verbal).
• Ability to work both independently and as part of a team; ability to work closely and communicatively as a peer colleague with AMI Education Director and AFC.
• Experienced crew leader
• Computer proficiency, including Excel, Microsoft Office.
• High level of personal and ethical standards
• Ability to understand, interpret, and enforce policies accurately and equitably.
• Ability to complete and maintain relevant training and certifications as necessary.
• A valid driver’s license with a good driving record
• Mentorship and teaching experience
• Ability to deal with Fellows, colleagues, and guests in a professional, timely, fair, and confidential manner
• Interest in medicinal herbs, perennial systems, organic, no-till farming, and orchard management.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS OF THE POSITION: This position requires working outside in physically demanding environments, including climate fluctuations, extreme hot and cold weather, and snowy winters. This position requires the ability to lift 50 (+) pounds regularly.
REPORTS TO: This position reports to the Executive Director.
COMPENSATION: This is a full-time, exempt, year-round position. Salary is commensurate with experience. Benefits package includes: housing and farm-grown food share (2nd story of the farmhouse is exclusively for AFM, while the main floor is shared with AMI community in season; a lease and damage deposit are required), workers’ compensation coverage, and earned vacation/sick leave, plus holidays. This position requires regular weekend and periodic evening work.
MISSION: Allegheny Mountain Institute (AMI) is a 501(c)3 educational nonprofit organization that cultivates healthy communities through food and education.

HISTORY: AMI was founded in 2011 (as Allegheny Mountain School) as an intensive hands-on cooperative experiential learning and training program designed to teach members of our communities to grow and prepare their own food and to understand the nutritional benefits of eating seasonally.
VISION: A thriving network of collaborative, vibrant communities who value the connection between food and health.
• Positivity
• Integrity
• Sustainability
• Stewardship
• Experiential Learning
• Regenerative Agriculture
OUR PROGRAMS: One of AMI’s primary activities is to operate an 18-month, two-phase Fellowship program. During Phase I (May through October), AMI Farm Fellows live, work, and study at the Allegheny Campus in Highland County, VA. They study sustainable food production, whole foods preparation and preservation, mindfulness, wellness and nutrition, land stewardship and community development, as they train to become ambassadors for healthier food culture. In Phase II from January – December of the following year, AMI Phase II Fellows work in the service of AMI and/or a Partner Organization. Their work focuses on activities such as: developing and implementing programming at institutional farms, school and community gardens utilizing site-based curriculum, advocating sustainable land use, teaching nutrition and cooking for a healthy lifestyle.
OUR CAMPUS: Allegheny Campus is situated between 4000 and 4400 feet in elevation on a 550-acre farm in Highland County, VA, bordering both Virginia’s George Washington National Forest and West Virginia’s Monongahela National Forest. The headwaters of the James, Potomac, and Greenbrier Rivers all begin their flow from a triple watershed divide (Eastern Continental) located on the top hay field. The farm was initially homesteaded about 100 years ago; about 100 acres are cleared.
Unique ecosystems abound within the farm’s perimeter, with beautiful groves of red spruce and mixed hardwoods, old-growth rhododendron and mountain laurel thickets. Wildlife is plentiful, and the old pastures give way to wildflowers of all kinds, wild fruit, various native edibles, medicinal plants, fungi, moss, and lichens. This area has a lush climate with abundant rainfall and dense vegetation. Summers can be quite cool; the average rainfall is 41.5 inches per year. Plant hardiness zone is 3-4, with approximately 120 frost-free days.

TO APPLY: Please complete and submit this online application form, including a cover letter, resume, and at least three professional references. For questions, please contact No phone calls or mailed applications, please.