By September 3, 2018Job Opportunities

The Farm Production Assistant at Sharondale Farm is a part-time, entry-level position working with the farm team in all aspects of organic mushroom production from substrate preparation to sales.

We seek an individual who can manage his or her time and tasks to completion, and is interested in supporting, promoting, and developing local food. Starting wage is $10/hour with consideration commensurate with ability and work experience. Current position is 30-40 hours per week.

We will train the production assistant in many aspects of mushroom production including:

Substrate preparation
Inoculation techniques
Proper sanitation techniques
Harvesting and post-harvest handling
Food safety protocols and recordkeeping
Retail marketing and sales
Minimum qualifications for this position:

Must be able to initiate and complete tasks, maintain tools and equipment, keep records
Interest in food, farming, mycology, biology, ecology, general science, etc
Able to learn chemical and food safety protocols
Understand and use good personal hygiene
Reliable transportation to and from the farm
Artistic, resourceful, and outgoing personality a plus
Previous farm experience also a plus, but not required
If interested, please email Mark Jones: with a note of interest and a brief work history.

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