Pasture Manager Position

Farfields Farm is seeking a full-time Pasture Manager for our 50+ acres of pasture sites. We are seeking a candidate for this position who has multi-year experience with ecological holistic pasture management, rotational grazing systems, raising grass fed cows and chickens. Experience with sheep, dairy cows and meat birds a plus. Our Pasture Manager will work with our farm management team in stewarding the farm landscape, both cultivated and wild, as well as work with our marketing/sales staff in overseeing the sales of all pasture products, sold at local farmers markets, stores, and through farmshares. The Pasture Manager will manage the pasture support staff field team, and will report to the farm owner/director.
Position Responsibilities:

● Pasture Management: Oversee soil building strategies; keyline plowing; irrigation systems; pasture seeding; related infrastructure oversight; etc.
● Herd Management: Oversee daily movement of animals/fencing; herd/flock health; water/feed supplements; purchasing animals; liaison with slaughterhouse; etc
● Product Management: Inventory management; Fridge/Freezer/Storage systems; etc
● Sales Management: Manage accounts, delivery schedules; Establish new accounts; Assist with development of sales/marketing strategies
● Community/Education: Coordinate pasture coordination with farm educational and community events; Help develop local partnerships for outreach and education
● Staff Management: Manage pasture staff team, budget; Coordinate with farm management team; produce work reports; etc