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Author Book Signing Schedule

Saturday, January 11

Charlie Thompson 6:30 PM & 8:30 PM

Sunday, January 12

Chris Smith 10:00 AM
John Munsell 10:00 AM
Rhonda Sherman  12:00 PM
Nichki Carangelo  3:30 PM
Ellen Polishuk  5:30 PM
Barbara Pleasant  5:30 PM
Laura Lengnick  7:30 PM

Monday, January 13

Chris Smith 10:00 AM
Laura Lengnick 10:00 AM
Cindy Conner  12:00 PM
Amanda Terillo  12:00 PM
Frank Holzman 3:00 PM
Gunther Hauk  3:00 PM
Nichki Carangelo  5:00 PM
John Munsell  5:00 PM

Book Sales throughout the Conference, provided by Stone Soup Books! 

Fireside Chats

Conference Map