The Youth Program for the VABF Conference is a student centered program designed to inspire curiosity and engage young learners in meaningful work around environmental sciences and sustainable agriculture. There are two sections of the program for two age groups: elementary (students 6-12 years old) and adolescent (students 13-18). Both programs provide a safe, fun way for young learners to be involved in what’s happening at the conference. With their peers, students will dive into hands-on, immersive experiences to learn about biology, botany, and more!

For Ages 5-12

Conference Youth Program

Students in this age range have incredible imaginations and a properly prepared environment ignites their sense of wonder.  Exploration awaits with a variety of games, books, podcasts, and hands-on activities for them in a Montessori style environment. Each student will create field guides to record what they learn throughout the conference. Between the independent activity time, speakers and educators from the conference will visit to share their knowledge and stories. This student centered, project based approach will ignite their curiosity and spark a sense of discovery. 

Ages 13+

Teens Program

Teenagers need a targeted approach and are driven by purpose. They have no interest in doing something, unless it actually matters. At VABF, we recognize that adolescents need to create, reflect, and make a difference. The students in the adolescent program are responsible for creating digital content for the conference, Their workspace will have a variety of tools for the students to create zines, write articles, record tiktok videos, and  design graphic illustrations to capture the spirit of the conference. They will be a part of the conference documenting and inspiring participants to share their stories. Each day there will also be times for reflection and discussion for the students to share what they’ve learned. Supported and guided by educators and social media professionals, these students will share the story of the conference from their lens.