VABF Conference Youth Program

By October 3, 2019VABF News

VABF is offering a Youth Program for children between the ages 5-12 during each day of the 2 days of the Conference. The Program is offered during the concurrent session times of the Conference, which are as follows:

Sunday, January 12, 2020, 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM

Monday, January 13, 2020, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

The Youth Program registration fee is $40, which is less than the our cost for child meals during the Conference. This includes lunch and dinner on Sunday and lunch on Monday. Children will eat meals with their parent(s) or guardian(s) and plenty of snacks will be available in the classroom, provided by Friendly City Food Co-Op.

Children will always be closely supervised and can only be signed out by the registered parent(s) or guardian(s) listed on the registration form.

Plenty of educational and fun activities are planned, all around the conference themes of sustainable living and farming, agro-ecology, earth healing and restoration, as well as making things and having fun!

Planned activities include morning yoga, art projects, games, craft projects, making a medicinal salve, seed saving, garden planning, making seed bombs, mushroom innoculation, making bottle balls from recycled plastic, working with natural dyes and more!

Various speakers from the conference will also visit our classroom to share their knowledge and expertise with the kids, and we will also visit the conference exhibits and trade show to see and talk about the displays and products. Nancy Lilly is bringing an interactive tabletop model exploring water quality and will present fun activities exploring water quality and drinking water.

The program will be led by experienced teachers both days.

Davey Rogner is the Agriculture Education Specialist for Apple Ridge Farm – a summer camp in Copper Hill, VA which helps underserved students in Roanoke City experience the outdoors and provides STEM based after school programs. He is also the founder and visionary for a start-up called The Harvest Collective, which will be Roanoke City’s first residential food scrap collection program and is concurrently organizing community owned orchards.

In the past he has organized permaculture-based summer camps for high school students, provided permaculture consultations, and organized the nation’s only coast-to-coast roadside litter pick-up which cleared more than 100 tons of litter from a contiguous 3,762 miles. Along his path Davey has spoken to over 10,000 people and been featured in numerous TV and print media encouraging zero-waste and earth stewardship.

 Mark Wolfe is a lifelong educator, who has taught many subjects at all levels. Most recently he has worked as a substitute teacher in the Hardy County West Virginia public schools, specializing in K-12 Art, music, and Special Education teaching. He has also taught Alternative Energy, Workforce Development and English as a Second Language in the region.

Mark has a homestead scale farm in West Virginia where he raises a small herd of dairy goats and occasionally makes cheese. He is also working on establishing an edible food forest, medicinal plant gardens, and also makes flower essences. Permaculture, Biodynamics, Non- linear thinking, Sustainability, and Earth healing are organizational concepts that he uses on his farm.

Nancy Lilly is the Stormwater Outreach Coordinator for Lynchburg Water Resources. Currently she is working on projects across city to reduce Stormwater runoff and pollution.  She been an environmental educator for the past 8 years specializing in place-based activities.  Nancy has worked on SOL based programming and directed grade wide field trips across Lynchburg City Schools.  Other work includes leading backcountry trips in Alaska, Colorado, and West Virginia.  Nancy moved to the central Virginia area in 2018.  She loves working outside and inspiring inquiry into the world around us.


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