VDACS Current Vacancies

The following is a link to current vacancies at VDACS  Applicants interested in being considered for any position must submit application materials on the RMS website by the stated deadline. Current job postings include:

  • Cotton Boll Weevil Survey Trapper (Seasonal/Hourly/No Benefits), #W0053, deadline to apply 7/22/19
  • Peanut Samplers (Seasonal/Hourly/No Benefits) (Emporia, Southampton, Suffolk, Sussex), #SPNUT, deadline to apply 7/26/19
  • Apple Graders/Inspectors (Seasonal/Hourly/No Benefits), #APPLE, deadline to apply 7/22/19
  • Weights and Measures Inspector, #00273, deadline to apply 7/26/19
  • Spotted Lanternfly Surveyor (Hourly/No Benefits), #W0093, deadline to apply 7/29/19
  • Manager, Office of Promotions, #01241, deadline to apply 7/30/19
  • Animal Care Veterinary Supervisor, #01248, deadline to apply 7/31/19