Virginia Food Access Investment Fund: ACTION ALERT

URGENT ACTION NEEDED FOR 95#1h budget amendment

Virginia Food Access Investment Fund Update: 

Legislation to create the Virginia Food Access Investment Fund (HB 1509) and the corresponding budget amendment to fund the program (Item 95#1h) still need your active advocacy! 

As a reminder, the House Agriculture Subcommittee is the first stop for the Virginia Food Access Investment Fund Legislation (HB 1509). It’s still important and not too late to reach out to Agriculture Subcommittee members. Please see the google folder containing sample email and contact list: VFAIF Google Drive folder

New: The House Appropriations Committee will review and vote on all budget amendments, including Item 95#1h in the next few weeks.

Please email the House Appropriations Committee and ask them to support Item 95#1h to improve healthy food access for all Virginians.

Here is a link to House Appropriations members contact sheet and Virginia Food Access Investment Fund overview located in the budget amendment folder Item 95#1h.

For your use is a sample email, requesting support for the budget amendment to fund the Virginia Food Access Investment Fund:


Subject Line: Please support Food Access, Item 95#1h and HB1509

Dear Delegate –

Thank you for your service on the Appropriations Committee. I am reaching out to ask for your support for Item 95#1h and HB1509. This budget amendment supports healthy food access for all Virginians through collaborative and cooperative programs with public and private sector partners.

Budget amendment 95#1h and the corresponding HB 1509 create the Virginia Food Access Investment Fund, which will be housed within Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. The Virginia Food Access Investment Fund will help Virginia to invest in additional food retail opportunities in underserved communities, to connect food insecure Virginians with locally grown food, and to work towards more equitable food access throughout the Commonwealth. Specifically, the Fund will be used to support costs associated with the construction, rehabilitation, equipment upgrades, or expansion of grocery stores, small food retailers, and innovative food retail projects in underserved communities. In addition, the fund will support increasing the number of SNAP retailers participating in the Virginia Fresh Match Nutrition Incentive Program. 

To improve healthy food access and build income for local farmers, please support Item 95#1h.


Your name, address and title, if relevant


Many thanks for your commitment to improving healthy food access for all  Virginians. Please contact us with any questions, and visit for more information about nutrition incentives.


Elizabeth and Maureen

Virginia Fresh Match Co-Leads

Thank you for your support. Every contact with legislators and their assistants is recorded and taken into consideration.