Public Directory – our Find a Farm or Farm Related Business tool

All active VABF members may choose to be listed in our Public directory – our Find a Farm or farm related business tool. You can add your logo, photos of your farm or business or your products, the location of your farm or business, hours you are open to the public (if any) and even add a coupon or deal for website users.  To edit your public directory listing, go to your member account and edit your Profile and Directory tabs.

If you want to turn your public directory listing on or off, go to your member account and choose the appropriate settings in the directory tab – please choose to make your information available in the public directory! It’s a wonderful networking tool!

Membership Directory

We also provide a full directory of all of our members that is available to members only.  To edit your information in the membership directory, log in and edit your member information.  You may request a copy of the full directory as a digital file by emailing the VABF administrator.

List an Event

All VABF members can list an event in our event calendar.  Log in and use the tab in your member account that says Events to go to the event listing page.

List a Job Opportunity

All VABF members can list a job opportunity. Log in and use the tab in your member account that says Jobs to go to the job opportunity listing page. Post a Job Op here. Manage Job Ops here.

List a Classified

All VABF members can list a classified ad. Log in and use the tab in your member account that says Classifieds to go to the classifieds listing page. Post a Classified ad here. Manage Classified Ads here.

Access to Members Only Learning Library

All VABF members can will have access to a document and video repository that contains a wealth of educational materials related to biological farming! This information comes from conferences and member input and will grow over time.

Access to Members Only Discount Codes

All VABF members have access to our Partner Discount Code Page. Find it here.



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