An Eater’s Guide To Congress

By September 27, 2018Policy

Explore how your member of Congress voted on policies that make our food system more balanced and provide healthy, affordable food for all.

How does your member of Congress measure up? This site is designed to help you find out. Here, you can see voting histories and individual track records and learn whether your Representative stands up for good food policy, or whether they voted for policies that are harmful to hungry people, contaminate our food supply, poison our soil and water, or hurt local economies.

Some House members have up to 55 votes on food policy laying out a solid record either supporting or opposing our food system. What can you do with this information? Read through the food policy issue areas within this Scorecard. Find out who supports your priorities. Ask questions through email, social media, or at a town hall meeting. Get answers and share widely.

Most importantly: vote this November. Your support for the candidate who will represent your views on food holds your member of Congress accountable and makes sure your priorities are represented in Congress.

Go here to filter by State and see how Representatives have voted on a variety of food policy action issues

An Eater’s Guide To Congress