Cost Share for Virginia Farmers to Protect Soil and Water

Robust funding and streamlined paperwork for Fiscal Year 2024

The Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation is offering a total of $124.6 million in cost-share funding for farmers to adopt any of 70+ different best management practices to improve the health of their soils and protect Virginia’s waterways including the Chesapeake Bay watershed.  Farmers can receive up to $300,000 to adopt practices such as cover crops, nutrient management plans, riparian buffer plantings, fencing to keep livestock out of streams, and alternative watering system to make stream exclusion practical.  In addition, this year’s program has adopted program changes that simplify the application process and record keeping requirements, especially for smaller scale operations.  Learn more about the Virginia Agriculture Best Management Practices Cost Share Program (VACS) by contacting your local soil and water conservation district.  Find yours at The program runs through June 30, 2024.