Oakencroft Farm
Farm Hand Job Description
Oakencroft Farm is looking for a motivated individual to add to our team for help with managing and maintaining progressive food systems and overall farm aesthetic. This is a full-time salaried position with very competitive pay and benefits. Over the course of a year, this person will go from working with fruit producing trees and shrubs, to weekly lawn mowing/maintenance, to assisting with daily sheep and cattle moves, to picking up trash and sticks, to servicing tractors and trucks. Ideally, this person will have a broad array of skills i.e., Jack of All Trades or possess a relevant narrower skillset with the drive to expand their knowledge into the duties listed below:

Job Duties
Vehicle Maintenance
– Basic maintenance on tractors, mowers, and trucks
o Oil and filter
o Fuel filters
o Air filers
o Repairing flat tires
o General cleaning and greasing
Building and Grounds Maintenance
– Cleaning gutters
– Changing exterior light bulbs
– Cleaning drains
– Pressure washing hardscapes and decks
– Exterior cleaning
Lawn Maintenance
– Mowing and trimming during the growing season
– Leaf collection in fall
– Fertility management
– Compost flipping
– Compost application
– Johnson-Su compost implementation and management
Permaculture orchard management
– Weed management
– Harvesting
– Pruning
– Perennial division and planting
– Planting of new perennials
– Mowing
Tree cultivation, planting and maintenance
– Harvest cuttings or nuts to propagate
– Planting bare roots trees in silvopasture and riparian zones
– Maintenance of tree plantings already in place
– Helping with daily sheep and cattle chores
o Daily moves
o Feeding hay
o Working of livestock in pen
Farm maintenance
– Mowing trails with tractor throughout property
– Collecting and processing woody debris from storms
– Fixing fence
– Trash collection

Ability to operate tractor and implements
Interest and/or knowledge in permaculture food systems and orchards
Experience and/or interest in livestock
Ability to mow and trim fine lawns
Basic maintenance on tractors and vehicles
Basic construction knowledge
Ability to pass a background check
Valid driver’s license
As this is an outside job, you must be willing to work outside in all-weather conditions and lift a minimum of 50 pounds
Sound judgement, organized and self-starter