Farm & Natural Resource Manager

President, Board of Directors, Bundoran Farm Community Association


Bundoran Farm is a unique residential community set amidst a working farm of 2,300 acres in the foothills
of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Albemarle County, 20 minutes south of Charlottesville, Virginia. Within
this property, 2,000 acres are protected in perpetuity by agricultural and forestry easements. Half of the
easement land is utilized for livestock grazing, vineyards, and orchards, thereby ensuring the presence
of a true working farm within the development. The other half of the easement land is comprised of
forests, trails, lakes, and other natural areas enjoyed by residents and their guests.

The residential portion of the community consists of ninety-two residential homesites sited near field and
forest margins to promote the preservation of working lands. Community leadership supports an ethic of
environmentally sound use of the land and sustainable building standards, with the goal of creating and
conserving a place where home and nature seek to exist in harmony.


Routinely monitors the condition of community infrastructure: roads, trails, bridges, culverts, lakes, dams,
fencing, pastures, farmbelt tree copses, forests, community-owned equipment, community center
building, and other farm structures.

Works in concert with the Board, Farm Management Committee (FMC), Common Area Committee
(CAMC), Finance Committee (FinCom), and Wildlife Management Group (WMG) to support the
operational and financial objectives for the Farm.

Together with the FMC and the Board, sets strategic directions for Bundoran Farm’s agricultural

Communicates effectively with contractors, governmental officials, non-profit organizations, and our
property owner’s association representative (Community Group) on all operational matters.

Responds to requests for information and/or assistance from residents on working aspects on the Farm.

Maintains a comprehensive, readily accessible, and up-to-date record system relating to community
association activities. This requires familiarity with conventional software (MS Office) and online
resources (e.g., Google Earth).

Assists in preparing biennial land use tax re-certifications for eligible lot owners.

Maintains a positive working relationship with tenants, contractors, and community members.


Board President – The incumbent coordinates with the President by:

Meeting at least bi-monthly with Board President in person and is readily available via cell phone, email
and/or messaging to discuss infrastructure conditions and current work assignments and priorities.

Regularly reviews with the Board President current FNRM relations with FMC, CAMC, FinCom, WMG,
and Community Group and discusses issues and/or requests for FNRM assistance.

Promptly calls Board President’s attention to any infrastructure conditions that require emergency or
immediate attention, such as blocked roads, culverts and streams, damaged fencing, cattle watering
systems, etc.

Seeking and following the Board President’s guidance and instructions regarding prioritization of current
and pending FNRM work activity.

Community Group (CG) – The incumbent coordinates with CG by:

Ensuring and documenting that all vendors are properly insured (for general liability and workers
compensation) before allowing them to work for the community.

Promptly forwarding approved vendor invoices to CG for payment and obtaining from CG verification of
such payments.

Collecting and promptly forwarding credit card receipts for approved expenses and obtaining from CG
monthly verification of credit card payments.

Maintaining a complete record of all invoices, receipts, payment verifications, etc.

Farm Management Committee (FMC) – The incumbent supports the FMC by:

Developing an overall plan for the farmbelt and greenbelt (forest) easement areas of the Farm.

Optimizing leasable areas on the Farm for agricultural and forest activity.

Negotiating and executing tenant leases and cost-sharing agreements with governmental entities.

Managing lease and contract compliance by focusing on pasture, orchard and vineyard fence conditions,
grazing, mowing, haying and spraying practices, timbering, erosion control, invasive plant eradication,
and periodic soil testing and fertilization.

Promptly reporting variances to FMC Chair and Board President. Addresses variances with tenants and
contractors at the direction of the Board President.

Ensuring functionality and routine maintenance of fencing and cattle watering systems. Creating and
updating fence maps.

Promoting best management practices in conjunction with farm tenants, to exercise rotational grazing,
erosion mitigation, weed abatement, and natural resource conservation.

Periodically inspecting the condition of farmbelt tree copses and alerting FMC of needed maintenance or
tree replacement.

Common Areas Committee (CAMC) – The incumbent supports the CAMC by:

Negotiating vendor and contractor agreements and reviewing their execution to contract deliverables.

Managing contractor compliance to Bundoran Farm’s Governing Documents. Promptly reporting
variances to CAM Chair and Board President and addressing variances with contractors at the direction
of the Board President.

Continually monitoring roadways for damage and arranging for repair. Arranging and executing annual
roadway repair activity.

Creating and updating the Farm’s online trail map tool, including making daily updates on areas of active
hunting by the Wildlife Management Group.

Management trail maintenance by coordinating with contractors and community Trail Adopters group to
keep trails in good condition.

Ensuring that dams are in good condition and free of large trees and that dam spillways are free of debris.

Arranging and executing annual contracts for eradication of invasive plants and algae infestations.

Finance Committee (FinCom) – The incumbent supports the FinCom by:

Promptly reviewing vendor and contractor invoices to ensure they are within the budget and that the
relating work has been properly completed. Obtaining FinCom authorization for invoice payment and
forwarding approved invoices to CG for disbursement.

Monitoring tenant lease payments and alerting both tenants and Board Treasurer when tenants fall
behind in payments.

Promptly alerting and obtaining authorization from the Board Treasurer of unexpected, non-budgeted

Surveying standing committees regarding work that may need to become part of the budget for the next
fiscal year and communicates this to both Board Treasurer and President.

Assisting FinCom in analyzing and regularly updating the replacement reserve report. Obtaining
contractor estimates for work covered both by the coming annual budget and the replacement reserve

Land Use Re-certification – The incumbent assists in the biennial land use re-certification process by:

Collecting land use re-certification application forms from eligible lot owners after completion of their

Reviewing the applications to ensure agreement between lot owner/county land use representations and
BFCA records relating to agricultural and forestry use.

Returning the applications to the lot owner for submission to the county tax assessor’s office.

Community Relations

Maintaining regular weekly office hours for meeting with lot owners, visitors, vendors, and other parties.

Promptly responds to lot owner emails, messages, and phone calls.

Acting immediately to address emergencies and promptly alerts the Board President and appropriate
standing committee chairs.

Advising all parties in following the communication policy published on the community website.

Routine Maintenance

Maintaining an up-to-date inventory of community-owned tools and equipment.

Ensuring appropriate and safe storage of all tools and equipment and annual maintenance of the Polaris
Ranger, trailer, weed eater, chain saw, and other equipment as required.

Arranging contracts for required maintenance at the direction of the Board President.

Ensuring that the Pole Barns are maintained in working order.

Ensuring that FNRM office space in the Baldwin Center is kept orderly and that trash is available roadside
for weekly pickup.


Bachelor’s degree in agriculture, natural resource conservation, or aligned field of study.

Three or more years of work experience managing productive agricultural systems, invasive species
management, plant conservation, or other natural resource affairs; equivalent experience considered.

Ability to communicate verbally and in writing and relate comfortably to tenants, contractors and owners.

Capacity for occasional strenuous, outdoor physical activity.

Familiarity with farming, forestry. and related operations. Knowledgeable of best practices and
terminology in modern agriculture and open to innovative agricultural endeavors.


Very competitive salary for the Albemarle County labor market, commensurate with training and relevant
job experience. Health Saving Account (HSA) contribution. Incumbent has the use of a computer and
cell phone as well as a Polaris Ranger and other community-owned tools. Dedicated office space is
provided within the community center.


A letter of interest together with a résumé should be emailed to by May
27, 2022.

Bundoran Farm Community Association, Inc. does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion,
sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national or ethnic origin, age, or other protected classes under
the law