NEW TOOL: New Farm Lease Builder

On behalf of the team at Vermont Law School’s Center for Agriculture and Food Systems, I’m excited to share a new free tool we developed for farmers and landowners: the Farm Lease Builder.

Leases are essential in promoting access to farmland, particularly for young and beginning farmers. But like any legal process, creating a lease can be intimidating and expensive. That’s why we developed the Farm Lease Builder. It guides participants through a series of questions, allowing them to customize the details: from rent, to maintenance, insurance, chemical use, conservation easements, and more. The end result is a fully-drafted lease ready for legal review.

The Lease Builder is just one component of our Farmland Access Legal Toolkit, a comprehensive resource designed to help farmers and landowners affordably access, transfer, and conserve farmland.

If you think anyone in your network could benefit from this resource, please consider sharing it! Whether through your online resource page, newsletter, blog, social media, or word of mouth, we would appreciate your help spreading the word. Feel free to use the images and template social media captions in this Dropbox folder. And don’t hesitate to get in touch with comments or questions.