Part time Social Media Coordinator

By September 27, 2021Job Opportunities

About Us
The Common Grain Alliance is a young non-profit working to elevate regional grain and grain
producers in the Mid-Atlantic through building a robust, sustainable, and equitable grain
economy in the region. Learn more at
Job Description
Our Social Media Coordinator will manage our Instagram account and build our Facebook
presence, producing consistent, on-brand content in 2-4 Instagram and Facebook posts per
You will achieve the following three objectives:
1. Promote CGA’s mission, publicize our programming, and reinforce our brand
2. Amplify the voices of others, namely:
a. Our members
b. Our partners
c. Other regional grain initiatives
d. Other grain advocates, including home bakers, farmers, chefs, millers, cooks,
activists, and citizens
This content can be original, or a credited repost made original by adding a comment,
context, or showing how the effort complements CGA programming and objectives.
3. Actively increase our followers by:
a. Consistently engaging with accounts that engage with our posts and follow our
branded hashtags, and by rewarding those accounts with comments, reposts,
and original content
b. Following interesting threads to selectively find new accounts to follow and
engage with. No bots or blasts please.
You will be responsible for making sure you are allocating content equitably across all accounts
we are engaging with, and for tracking metrics and using them to develop future strategy. You
will prepare a short, monthly report for CGA’s Director and Board of Directors once a month with
these metrics.
We will provide starting lists of member accounts and partners, on-brand hashtags to promote,
and other hashtag clusters to draw upon, but you will be expected to maintain these lists to keep
the account current. We will also help you with content, connecting you to members, helping
with messaging, and suggesting topics, as needed.
This role has the capacity to grow to include more hours and other marketing/communications
responsibilities, including monthly newsletter management, copywriting, and expanding
presence on social channels.
Time commitment: 5 hours per week
Compensation: $15-20/hr, depending on experience
Location: Remote, within the Mid-Atlantic
Start Date: October 2021
The Common Grain Alliance is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the
basis of race, ethnicity, age, religion, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, veteran
status, political orientation, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state, or local law.
We strongly encourage applications from members of the BIPOC community, LBGTQ+ people,
people from working class backgrounds, and women. If you feel drawn to our efforts and
think you would be a good fit with our organization, we would love to hear from you!
To apply, please send a resume, brief cover letter (no more than one page), and an example
CGA Instagram post to with the subject line: “Application for
Social Media Coordinator”