Biological Farming

What is Biological Farming?
Biological Farming is an approach to food and fiber production that respects the natural processes in the farm or garden ecosystem in order to yield top quality products, provide a viable living for the producer, and sustain long-term productivity. Practitioners use ecologically sound methods of agriculture, horticulture, aquaculture, and livestock husbandry to provide food that is as nutritious and free from toxic residues as possible, and which preserves the balance found in natural ecosystems.

Who is VABF?
VABF encompasses a community of farmers, gardeners, homesteaders, students, teachers, researchers, and general supporters of local and sustainable food systems! Find out more about VABF memberships.

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Our Mission

What does VABF do?
VABF’s mission is to educate about, advocate for, and promote organic and biological farming and gardening.

Diversity, Inclusion and Social Justice Statement
Natural diversity is a foundational and functional principle of ecologically healthy farming systems. Nurturing diversity is essential to a healthy society.

VABF has a history of inclusion, representation and service to farmers and gardeners of diverse backgrounds, heritage and economic circumstance. We strive for diversity to be a guiding tenet of our organization. We envision farmers, consumers, and food entrepreneurs of all backgrounds to be fully represented in our membership and leadership; and throughout organic, biological and local agriculture in Virginia.

Brent Wills
Wills Soil & Stream and Bramble Hollow Farm

Ira Wallace
Board Member
Southern Exposure Seed Exchange &
Acorn Community

Daniel Key
Truffula Farm

Mark Jones
Board Member
Sharondale Mushroom Farm

Resi Connell
Local Stew U & Independence FUNie Farm

Adam Taylor
Vice President
Virginia Tech Catawba Sustainability Center

Michael Carter, Jr.
Board Member
VSU Small Farm Resource Center Manager

Michael Reilly
Board Member


Slow Money Central Virginia

Kevin Fletcher

Kevin Fletcher 
Board Member
New Country Organics

John Munsell

Board Member
Department of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation at Virginia Tech

Tom Brody
Board Member

Lindsay Newsome
Program Director