Now Taking Nominations for the VABF Board of Directors 

By October 23, 2019VABF News

Calling all VABF members!  Our Board of Director elections are coming up and we’re looking for nominations.  If you—or someone you know—is interested in getting involved as a Director, we are accepting nominations through December 1, 2019.  Elections will be on-line and end on January 11, 2020, the first day of the 21st Annual Virginia Biological Farming Conference, held at The Hotel Roanoke.  Contact Brent Wills, President, or Lindsay Newsome, Program Director, for details or questions.

 NOW TAKING NOMINATIONS for the VABF Board of Directors 

VABF relies on a volunteer Board for fundamental responsibilities and keeping the organization focused on our mission. Board members must commit to 5 – 10 hours per month promoting the organization, building membership, funding, as well as oversight and overall priority setting. Committee work will be additional to these key tasks. Expect to be asked to be on a committee or serve in some additional capacity.

VABF Board Requirements:

  1. Age 18 or older.
  2. VABF member during 2019 & familiarity with the organization.
  3. Able to make a commitment of 5-10 hours per month.
  4. Expected to attend 2020 conference and annual meeting.
  5. All Board members, including newly elected members, MUST participate in a one hour Board orientation following VABF conference close.
  6. Understanding of Board member expectations- (see above).

VABF Board Nomination Process 2020

  1. Individual’s interested in nominating someone to the VABF Board (or self-nominees) should review Board nominations process and requirements.
  2. Email indicating your interest.
  3. Submit a one page email “application” to This letter of application should include:
    • Your name, phone and address, including county.
    • Your experience and familiarity with Biological/Organic Agriculture and the mission of VABF. Outline your farm /food related experience.
    • Experience/familiarity with VABF. Contact with and support from current VABF members. Current active membership.
    • Any particular skills or perspective you would bring to our working Board.
    • Your ability to commit up to 10 hours per month during your two year term.
    • 2 work or board references, including name, phone number, & email address.
  4. Information will be a reviewed by our committee. You may be contacted for a conversation.
  5. All qualified nominees will be listed on a slate of Board candidates. This slate will be distributed to VABF’s membership via the website.
  6. Nominees should attend the Conference and be prepared to give a short introduction at the VABF annual meeting.
  7. Balloting takes place online and new Board members are announced at VABF’s annual meeting.
  8. All Board members, including newly elected members, will meet following Conference close.